Take the Global Footprint quiz


The Global Footprint quiz is a fun and eye-opening exercise that roughly estimates how many planet Earths would need to exist to support everyone if they all lived like you do.

Your results break down how many global acres are needed to sustain your lifestyle and sorts your ecological footprint into a pretty, if disturbing, pie chart.

Take the quiz and then use the site’s tool to explore scenarios for reducing your footprint.

To reduce food waste, plan a weekly menu

Your challenge for today, or the next time you grocery shop, is to figure out 4-5 dinners to cook for the week and make a list based on the ingredients needed. Shopping with a list of exact ingredients will reduce the amount of food you end up throwing away.

Grabbing a bunch of cilantro or a couple of leeks in case you might need them contributes to a diverse and well-stocked fridge, but may backfire if you have no need for the cilantro and leeks before they rot.

Get out those cookbooks or browse your favorite online recipes and get organized!