Combine errands to reduce fuel emission

You know how it goes: You need two things from the grocery store a mile away, and then, in the opposite direction, a book from the library, and also a prescription from the pharmacy in the next neighborhood. All on different days.

Today’s challenge is more of this week’s challenge. Plan ahead as best you can to avoid taking several short trips for small things.

Can those two grocery items wait until you’re heading that way for something else? Can someone grab the library book on his or her commute to work?  Is it possible to save your errands and run them all at once?

According to ecomodder, chaining errands, which warms up your car, is more fuel efficient than several short trips, particularly in cold weather. (The ecomodder link also includes a whole bunch of hypermiling tips you might be interested in).

This week, try to merge outings as much as you can.

Photo: Courtesy of George

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