Sign NRDC’s petition to your senators asking them to carefully vet Scott Pruitt

President-elect Donald Trump has decided on Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate-change denier, to head the EPA.

The National Resource Defense Council is a respected organization rated four-stars (out of four) by Charity Navigator. Please sign this petition, which will also enlist you on NRDC’s action network. You can unsubscribe from this list, but, given NRDC’s reputation for amazing environmental work, we recommend you stay on the list, read, and sign the action items they send your way.

Choose a sustainable lip balm

There are so many lip balm choices out there now, deciding which one to buy can be little more than a pick based on eye-catching packaging and impulse. Eos lip balms, for example look like colorful easter eggs that beg to be thrown into a shopping basket. Eos touts that its lip balms are “paraben and petrolatum free”, and they do have an organic line, but their containers are not easily recyclable. (Unless you have a lot of time on your hands and want to try making the containers into travel pods.)

A more eco-friendly choice is Burt’s Bees, a company that puts a lot of thought and effort into conscientious packaging.

Another impressive lip balm is Dr. Bronner’s, which emphasizes fair trade and non-GMO ingredients, though we couldn’t find information on their packaging practices.

You might want to check into etsy shops that produce lip balms and package them in biodegradable cardboard tubes, but do ask questions about the purity of the manufacturing facility and any certifications (state inspections and third party lab testing) the seller may or may not have.

Your challenge for today is to vow to be mindful when choosing that next, seemingly innocuous, plastic tube (or egg) of lip balm. Imagine heaps of them in landfills, lying there for thousands of years, and see if it changes your lip product buying behavior.


Replace 1 toxic home cleaning product with 1 natural home cleaning product

Sometimes nothing will clean-bomb a mess except bleach, but other times a gentler cleaner can get the job done with less impact on your home air quality and the environment. Today, or one day this week, buy one of these alternatives:

Abrasive Powdered Cleaners – Ajax or Comet switch for Bon Ami

Glass cleaner – Windex or Glass Plus for Ecos Glass and Surface Cleaner

Dishwasher detergent – Mass market powder, gel, or pods for Biokleen Automatic Dish Gel

Also, check out this list of green substitutions for most household cleaners. Washing and reusing bottles containing the above purchased products, then filling them with homemade concoctions is a great green route to take.


Invest in eco-friendly gift wrap

Regular wrapping paper, as it turns out, is often not recyclable. Check with your local solid waste management organization, but generally papers that include any sort of foil, glitter, or are coated in plastic have to be thrown in the trash. Several amazing options for wrapping in a more eco-friendly way include:

  1. Brown craft paper (search Pinterest for “brown paper gift wrap”…you’ll swoon) and decorative cotton string or paper ribbon
  2. Wrapping with scarves/cloth (see Furoshiki), or
  3. Purchasing recycled newsprint made into adorable gift wrap like Wrappily.

Here’s a post listing several eco-friendly wrapping paper alternatives. Here’s another with the super cute idea of wrapping with maps.